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Distribution company OUTDOOR GEAR DISTRIBUTION is engaged in the supply of equipment, clothing, footwear, weapons and ammunition. We supply gear for hunting, fishing, outdoor and law enforcement. Our customers can choose from over 100 brands worldwide. We will provide the best prices and delivery times.

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Working with us is profitable, reliable and safe


Our logistics network covers the whole country. Regardless of the volume of the order, we guarantee delivery on time. The company has all the necessary documents and permits for activities.


We work directly with equipment manufacturers. Direct contacts allow us to offer the best prices, as well as form orders according to the needs of the client. Over the years of cooperation, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner.


We actively participate in the development of the community of hunters, fishermen and tourists. Among other things, OUTDOOR GEAR DISTRIBUTION is one of the sponsors of the Tabigat Hunting Association.

Here are some of our partners

Meet our respectful partners

Since 1919, Mossberg has been the largest manufacturer of rifled and smoothbore weapons. They have a lot of models, innovative solutions and design proposals in this area.

Yildiz has grown from a small gun shop to a state of the art company producing 15,000 guns a year. Production is organized in such a way that every important detail is the responsibility of its department.

AKKAR was founded in 1989 with the aim of producing weapons for the needs of the Turkish army and police. Currently, 90% of weapons produced are supplied to the USA, Europe, New Zealand and other countries.

Remington Arms is one of the oldest and most active manufacturers in the US. Remington Arms manufactures both firearms and ammunition and is the largest domestic manufacturer of rifled and smoothbore weapons.

Merkel combines the traditional manufacturing methods of handcrafted hunting guns with the highest standards of quality and safety – all achieved in what is, for this day and age, an unusually deep in-house range of manufacture, from cold forged barrels to hand engraving.

Bettinsoli is a modern firearms company, with a tradition that goes deep into history, producing first-class smoothbore weapons for those who appreciate the reliability of a gun combined with excellent combat for hunting or sports, and, above all, endowed with unique Italian charm and grace.

Hornady manufactures a wide range of products, all of which have been largely developed in-house. Most of these products are bullet-related, with Hornady most often developing cartridges with firearms manufacturers who need a specific set of ballistic performance.

Vortex has been manufacturing optics since 1986. The company has a wide network of dealers, which covers the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world. The company participates in all major exhibitions dedicated to hunting, bird watching, archery and tactical weapons.

Sightmark is a company that supplies the regional and global market with accessories for weapons and hunting equipment. The high price/quality ratio, the introduction of new technologies and strict requirements for product reliability have made the company one of the leaders in the industry and made it famous.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been developing and manufacturing high-performance optical instruments of the highest precision since 1949, constituting the premium segment of the market. These binoculars, spotting scopes, optical sights and opto-electronic instruments are preferred by demanding hunters, bird lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

For more than 110 years, the optical sights of the Austrian optical company KAHLES in Vienna have been the standard of quality and an example of unsurpassed technical characteristics all over the world! For generations of hunters, this name is synonymous with the highest precision, excellent optical performance and the legendary durability of hunting scopes from Austria.

Gerber™ are knives, tools and gear designed to not only get the job done, but to bring back the self-confidence that has been lost in our time.

All Mora knives are made exclusively in Sweden from materials that are produced in this state. Each of the Mora knives will be a reliable assistant to its owner when traveling and hiking, fishing or hunting trips. These knives will help you easily cut fish or meat, cook any other food.

TIER-ONE was incorporated in early 2008 when a gap was identified in the market for 5-axis precision CNC rifle shooting equipment. Over time, a single product has grown into a complete line of high quality TIER ONE shooting accessories, including scope mounts, moderators, bipods and more.

In Marcheno, in Valtrompia, the heart of the Italian gunmaking tradition, Stefano Contessa founded a small business in 1974, working in the field of small precision mechanical parts, putting his professional skills to good use. Over the years, his sons Alessandro and Andrea, who grew up in their father’s workshop, learned the techniques of the craft and the importance of doing a job at a professional level. In the early 2000s, Contessa decided to use its experience to develop its own product with patented mechanics: Simple Black, Contessa’s first range of scope mounts.

The main task of the American company Kryptek Outdoor Group LLC was the integration of military technologies into a collection of outerwear and accessories designed to be worn by civilians. Only high-quality, durable, lightweight, quick-drying materials are used for the production of Kryptek tactical clothing. The design of products is thought out to the smallest detail.

The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of specialized clothing for hunting, fishing, as well as for tourism. The collection of clothes for hunters improves with each new season. The HART brand has been an international benchmark for product quality since 1990.

Alaska 1795 takes the comfort of hunting clothing to a whole new level and meets the highest demands of hunters. High quality products, the best materials and excellent functionality ensure that your hunting trip is successful and enjoyable, no matter the weather.

Meindl (Germany) is one of the recognized world leaders in the production of high-quality high-tech outdoor shoes. The history of the Meindl brand spans more than 300 years, and all this time the products are produced only in Europe.

Zamberlan was founded in 1929 to build on the passion for the mountains and the ability to work leather. After millions of pairs of boots sold all over the world, it is still run by the family, namely by Marco and Maria, the siblings who represent the third generation.

Thanks to its technical competence, constructive innovation, choice and processing of materials, all strictly Italian, Zamberlan is a point of reference in the world of outdoors activities, from high-altitude expeditions to light hiking. Fans from 50 countries around the world can confirm this.

For over 40 years, Vasque has been creating high quality outdoor footwear. The Vasque brand combines American ingenuity, European tradition and innovative trends of our time. Whether you’re on a run, on a long hike, at a professional race or on your way to the top of a mountain, Vasque shoes will help you reach your goal.

SJK – Tactical hunting equipment! Designed and tested in the Colorado Rockies and beyond! The goal is to develop equipment that defies the past but respects ritual and tradition.

Coghlan’s LTD is known as the world’s leading manufacturer of camping and outdoor accessories. The company was founded in 1959 and is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Coghlan’s is a family owned company with a strong focus on quality and innovation.

Husky is the largest Czech brand of clothing for tourism, equipment and equipment for outdoor activities, camping accessories. Husky uses the most modern materials – Windbreak, CoolDry, Cordura, SoftShell, Polyester 450D, 600D, 1000D, etc.

SALMO is one of the largest manufacturers of artificial lures in the world. The manufacturer is constantly looking for the best materials and technology to provide anglers with the best quality lures. In the labor-intensive technological production of SALMO lures, the share of manual labor is more than 90% and therefore only highly qualified specialists work on it.

Shimano is the largest manufacturer of fishing rods and reels. The company has been producing fishing tackle since the early 1970s. Shimano’s experience in developing high-tech gears for bicycles has made it a leader in the production of fishing reels, which are considered to be among the best in the world.

Daiwa is a world leader in innovation and technology used in the production of fishing tackle. The parent company and the main plant are located in Japan. Outside of Japan, there are authorized subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in the United States, Australia, Taiwan, France, Thailand and Germany.

Rapala VMC Corporation is a Finnish fishing equipment manufacturer. It specializes in the production of artificial fishing baits – wobblers, fish hooks, fillet knives for cutting fish, other fishing equipment, tourist clothing.

Lucky John is a well-known manufacturer of fishing products. The company manufactures balancers, spinners and other products that help increase the catch. Brand products very quickly became famous in the world. The popularity is due to the high quality of the goods.

D.A.M. is a world famous brand, with more than a century of history and weighty authority. The company has been present on the European fishing market for 125 years and is a symbol of such concepts as tradition, innovation and quality.

The manufacturer of CarpZoom products is the Hungarian company FISCH KFT. 

Groundbaits are designed both for certain fishing conditions and for the species composition of the fish. Boilies of various diameters and smells. Pellets. Flavorings dry and liquid. Carp dips. Huge selection of natural products.

YGK is probably the most popular Japanese brand specializing in the production of braided cords. The company was founded in 1989. The exceptional quality of the company’s products is confirmed by The International Game Fish Association, which is an indisputable fact of international recognition.

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